Finally, make waiting in line useful!


Help your customers by allowing them to join the queue and wait in line using their phone! Our Virtual Companion will keep them posted about their position in queue and wait-time via SMS. Use AZ.VC to create a virtual companion for your customers in 2 minutes.

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Your customers can join the queue by sending their name via SMS or scanning a QR code. Virtual Companion Customer SMS Waitlist Demo Virtual Companion Customer Phone Demo

Defeat COVID-19

Prevent COVID-19 by using AZ.VC

Reduce crowds

Let customers stay in their vehicles, mall or run errands, while not losing their spot in line.

Prevent COVID-19 by using AZ.VC

Control your space

Wait until your current customer leaves before inviting the next one inside.

Prevent COVID-19 by using AZ.VC

Do not share devices

Eliminate use of clumsy buzzers or ticket machines. Let customers use their own devices.


Get ready to upgrade your business


Know your customers

Keep track of return customers using their contact information. Build a customer profile, track their previous orders and stay in touch with them using our built-in SMS marketing campaign feature.

Get to know your customer by using AZ.VC;

Take control of your Virtual Companion by using AZ.VC;

Take full control

Tweak your virtual companion's SMS messages and add new SMS commands along with their responses. Fully control your customer's waiting experience.


Improve workflow

Get deep and useful insights on your business. Use this information to improve workflow and reward best performing employees. Create a fun and competitive work environment for your employees and watch your business succeed.

Improve workflow and reward your employees by using AZ.VC;

Loaded with features


  AI Wait-time Estimates

  SMS Check-in

  Website Check-in

  Kiosk Check-in

  Instant responses

  Live updates

  Customer profile

  Priority & VIP customers

  Customize messages

  Add SMS commands

  Live chat

  In-house SMS marketing

  Unlimited guests

  Unlimited SMS

  API integration

  Military grade encryption

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